Welcome, we are Lace and Justin, two dinguses traveling together on the incredible journey of life. We have been together since 2011 and since we met life has handed us our asses over and over again. It took a long time for us to realize that we are the masters of our own destiny and grab ahold of the reigns, but now that we have there is no mistaking the incredible transformation we have undergone both as a couple and individually.

We brought our marriage back from the brink of destruction, woke up to the consumerism-driven lives we were leading and realized that all the designer furnishings in the world can’t make you happy. The size of your personal value has nothing to do with the size of your closet or the brand of your vehicle. We have thrown ourselves into the mission of making our lives the best they can possibly be and are here blogging about it to complete our ultimate life goal, to help other people achieve all of the happiness and personal success that they never imagined possible.

In our personal lives, we are also the proud parents of a wonderful four year old girl, Lilith, and two delightful cats, Henry and Stripey, who are the original dinguses. We chose to mock ourselves from the beginning by choosing ‘Dingus’ as our title because we feel the first step to joy is not taking yourself so seriously. You can change your world, or even THE world, with a smile on your face and the ability to see your own flaws.

We are goofy, sarcastic, witty and sometimes suffer from potty mouth but our intentions are to enlighten first ourselves and then as many people as we can to the ultimate success, finding your own special brand of joy.