When you’re looking for an easy and cheap meal and especially a way to use leftovers, a frittata is always a great go to. A few eggs and a bit of cheese can transform just about anything and it takes literal minutes to mix it up, saving you valuable time on a busy day or on a weekend if you just want to take it easy.

This is the second meal generated from a family pack of sweet Italian sausage that cost me under $5. Check the previous post for how I prepare my sausage and peppers, but for today the leftovers from that joined with some white cheddar and eggs to form a simple and delicious frittata.

If I can manage it, I like to have at least one of the weekend meals be especially simple so I have more time for other things. Tomorrow we are having our thanksgiving part two which will obviously be time consuming so an easy frittata was a nice reprieve the day before, and nice and light to eat too, low carb and isn’t a big bombardment of food tonight when I know a feast is coming tomorrow.

This was really fast to put together. I grated a block of cheddar in my food processor and did enough for the cheese soufflé we are making tomorrow as well. I divided it into about half a cup for topping and a cup and a half for inside the frittata.

I whisked up eight eggs and added a splash of cream, if you have no cream milk is fine, if you have no milk, just eggs is fine, it will get the job done.

I dumped in the cheese and leftover sausage and peppers and mixed it up, adding a little salt and pepper.

I poured it into the large Pyrex pan and topped it with the reserved cheese and a little dried parsley just for looks. I baked it for 35 minutes at 375 and it came out great. Rest it for fifteen minutes or so for easier and neater cutting.

Henry couldn’t resist getting involved. It’s getting festive over here, how about by you?

Posted by:lakufu

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