Since I dropped the ball on the two posts I promised yesterday, I’m getting it done today in anticipation of probably not posting tomorrow for Thanksgiving. I’d like to just wish you a happy one and hope that you have much in your life to be thankful for. For me, I’m thankful for my husband and daughter, my health, my two cats and the last year of my life which has been an amazing experience of being overcome by awareness.

But now, food.

So on Sunday I made a huge eye round roast and this is the final offshoot from that. Last night we had delicious sandwiches on fresh baked focaccia rolls that I didn’t have time to post so my apologies there. The night prior it was made into a double recipe of beef stroganoff, half of which was frozen for a meal at a later date. All said, five meals for three people were had from a $12 piece of meat so I am quite satisfied with that return on the investment.

For tonight, I used the last of the beef to make a stir fry mixture. I thinly sliced half of a red onion and one red bell pepper and sautéed those over high heat until softened and browned. I added in a few handfuls of diced fresh pineapple and sautéed that as well until it had a hint of browning, then added in the thinly sliced and chopped beef, some hoisin sauce and a few handfuls of crushed peanuts. I served this with whole green leaf lettuce leaves to rip up for a salad effect or to make lettuce wraps. It was delicious.

On the side, I had leftover aioli from last night to use and the perfect vessel for that is fries. I cut three large russet potatoes into thin strips and fried them in olive oil over high heat in a separate batch for each potato. They were twice fried, in the second photo you can see the difference between one round of frying and two. The first round cooks them through but leaves them mostly pale and flimsy, this took about ten minutes per potato. The second fry, after a quick rest period, took only three minutes and resulted in beautifully browned and crispy fries which I tossed with coarse salt. The oil can be saved and reused after frying potatoes, by the way. No need to toss it all out.

I know, I’m touting healthy food and I made fries, but I don’t think homemade fries are such a sinister thing. Everything in moderation, including things like fries and pizza and burgers, but homemade is always best. These fries have three ingredients: potato, olive oil and salt. Never frozen, no preservatives. If you’re going to eat fries, homemade is the way to go, just not everyday.

Here is the whole spread. I added some sliced avocado tossed in lime juice, too. Usually I make plates up for my family in the kitchen but for this meal we went at it family style to customize our plates along the way, I love a meal like this.

If you’re wondering what Justin is so bemused about…

…it’s this guy. Never one to miss a meal, he lets his desires be known. Henry gets tidbits of meat at every dinner and he lives for it.

Again, wishing you and yours a happy and safe Thanksgiving. Remember the true meaning of the day: it’s not about turkey and pie.

I’ll just leave this here. This is the cat love of my life.

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Two 'adults' just trying to figure it out as we go along, we are Lace and Justin, the creators of The Dingus Guide to Life. Through a lot of trial and error we have learned how to harness life and not just let it take us for a wild ride anymore. We are here to share our knowledge on the hopes of helping others do the same.

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