For a lot of people Sunday night dinner is a time to gather with friends and family, from what I see. I wish we had that in our lives on a regular basis. We have family that live so close to us yet we don’t spend much time with them, it’s just the way it is and no one seems interested in altering the state of things. It makes me so sad that we don’t have more people around us to share our everyday with.

My husband and I have never managed to make friends in our area, people just don’t seem to think the way we do here. Everything is about what you own and what you’ll someday own. It’s a sincere hope of mine that once we move away from New York and settle into a homestead we meet some likeminded people and finally experience bonds based on things other than genetics. It’s been a lonely life for us thus far here, where we don’t fit in at all, not even with our own families to some degree.

Forgive me for seeming bitter tonight. The holidays can bring a lot of joy but when the relationships around you are lacking, the holidays can lack a little bit of that luster you come to expect in life. It can kind of highlight the loneliness in your life and leave you feeling envious and forlorn. Tonight I guess I feel kind of down in the dumps that we don’t have a network of loved ones that we really jive with. So forgive my melancholy state.

As I wrote about earlier today, I hauled out the Christmas tree and decorated it with my daughter today. She was so excited to do it and did a surprisingly nice and tidy job. I love seeing the joy she lives with, the passion with which she completes her tasks. The cats were quite intrigued by it all too, Stripey in particular is excited for something new to chew on… sigh.

While we were doing this decorating, I had this behemoth of a eye round roast in the oven. This was a 6.15lb roast, which will feed us for at least two meals via repurposed leftovers. For the roast, I let it sit at room temperature for half an hour while I made a paste of half a cup of puréed garlic, two big stalks of finely chopped rosemary, kosher salt and olive oil. I rubbed it down with this and roasted it in a 500 degree oven for 42 minutes, approximately 7 minutes per pound. After that I dropped the stove down to 185 degrees and roasted it for two more hours.

I surrounded it with halved or quartered potatoes depending on the size, half a bag of baby carrots and two quartered onions, tossing these with a bit of the same garlic paste mixture and a bit of extra salt and olive oil.

It came out looking magnificent. I let it rest while I made a mushroom gravy. I sliced one package of white button mushrooms and one package of baby Bella mushrooms and sautéed these in two tablespoons of butter until they had released their juices and the juices had mostly evaporated. I drizzled on another two tablespoons of oil and added a quarter cup of flour, a sprinkle of dried thyme and salt, tossing to coat the mushrooms for a couple of minutes until it began to cling to the pan and then while stirring constantly poured in first the pan drippings and then about three cups of beef stock until it had the desired consistency.

It was a delicious, hearty meal and will be easily converted to beef stroganoff tomorrow, so watch out for that post.

I want to share with you my sincere hopes that you and your family are happy and enjoying this day. Even when life hands you some bitter lemons you can still be grateful to have lemons at all. I am grateful for my awareness, thankful for my awakening, thankful to have good food to put on the table for my little family and thankful for you, my readers, giving purpose to this mission I’ve chosen to pursue.

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Two 'adults' just trying to figure it out as we go along, we are Lace and Justin, the creators of The Dingus Guide to Life. Through a lot of trial and error we have learned how to harness life and not just let it take us for a wild ride anymore. We are here to share our knowledge on the hopes of helping others do the same.

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