Last night for Sunday dinner I made a six pound beef eye of round roast, check the previous post for that bad boy. A roast like that will feed my family of three for at least three days in a row, plus the leftovers that those meals will create will feed us again another time. All said I think we will have five or six meals for three people from a beef roast that cost me $12 because I do my best to only buy meat when it is on sale.

Tomorrow I’m making hoisin beef sandwiches on freshly baked focaccia rolls, topped with a garlic aioli, avocado and lettuce, served with Thai cucumber salad that could also be a nice topping for the sandwich. We have late dental appointments so I wanted an easy, assembly line kind of meal that I can have fully prepped during the day and serve as soon as my husband gets home . Check in tomorrow to see that meal, but let’s focus on today now… beef stroganoff.

To start, I cubed about two pounds of the beef into a fine dice. At the same time, I thinly sliced the rest in preparation for tomorrow’s dinner. The beef is rare and will cook a bit in the sauce, but we like our meat on the rare side anyway so I don’t add it to the sauce until the end. If you like more well done meat, put it in sooner than I do or let it sit at a medium heat for a little while once it’s all put together.

For the sauce, I sliced and sautéed over high heat in olive oil a package of white button mushrooms until golden brown. Be sure to use a pan big enough to have them spread out and not overlapping or you won’t get browning action. Once they were browned on both sides, I dusted them with two tablespoons of flour and drizzled on two tablespoons of olive oil and stirred to form a roux. When it began to cling to the pan, I poured in two cups of beef broth and stirred until a smooth sauce formed.

I used the leftover mushrooms gravy from last night in the sauce as well, adding it to this mixture along with two tablespoons of steak sauce and a few pinches of salt and a sprinkle of pepper. I am not such a measurer when I cook, for the most part I find it unnecessary outside of baking and really encourage anyone who is insecure to just go for it and just remember the cardinal rule, you can always add more but you can’t take it away. For things like a roux, making rice, etc, there are ratios to remember and once you have those memorized from practical experience cooking is not hard to do.

Once the sauce was at a nice consistently and salt level, I added a half cup of sour cream and stirred until thoroughly mixed. After the sauce was completed I added in the cubed beef and tossed to coat, leaving this covered on the lowest heat for an hour.

Beef stroganoff and egg noodles are stereotypical friends so I boiled up a bag of those as per the directions and roasted some asparagus as our vegetable that I drizzled with olive oil and salt at 475 for 8 minutes, stirring once. The asparagus had a nice, low level of browning and still had nice snap to it, which is how we like it.

The best part of this meal is that it will feed us twice with minimal effort the next time around. Stroganoff freezes really nicely, half of this sauce went directly into the freezer for another day and just a quick boil of noodles and a zap in the microwave will deliver a nice, hearty meal on a day when I am short on time.

While making dinner I also mixed up the focaccia dough which needs to rise overnight. I’ve given up buying bread and now exclusively bake our own, and always check the menu to see if I’ll need bread the next day because bread on the fly greatly limits your options. I think it’s always a good idea to plan ahead, I do a weekly meal plan but at least the day before getting an idea of what you want to serve really makes life easier by easy of preparation. It opens up your ability to do some prep ahead of time like slicing the beef for sandwiches at the same time as curbing the beef for this recipe, saving me effort and time tomorrow, and fresh focaccia wouldn’t be an option without a bit of forethought.

Monday’s are always a drag but at least I lifted my husbands spirits with a meal he really enjoyed. He even went looking for seconds of asparagus! Hope you and yours are enjoying this evening. Tomorrow expect two new posts from me, one food to eat and one food for thought. In closing, here are some cute pictures from the day featuring a few of my favorite people (yes my cats are basically people).

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