This is our first post here, and I think the only proper way to begin is with introductions. My name is Lace and my husbands name is Justin and we will be dual contributors to this blog offering both of our learnings and insights all in the hopes of steering our readers towards a better, more efficient and more affordable life that enables you to then focus your energy onto the parts of your life that truly matter to you.

Through a lot of personal trial and error in life and finally becoming bold enough to step off the traditional path we have begun to unlock true happiness and success after reaching the ultimate rock bottom in our lives. We’ve learned hard lessons that we feel other people need not learn firsthand, if only there were someone out there to say “hey, stop it, you don’t have to do it that way!”

We want that to be us. We want to be the ones to march out into the traffic of life that holds so many people in a gridlock of expectations and obligations to hold up a new stop sign and make people think twice before accepting the state of things because it’s simply the way they’ve always been done. We want to help embolden people and teach them to trust their judgment and intuition and to redevelop their questioning minds, bogged down by years of mundane routine in the interest of financial success.

This blog will tell you everything about us: the good, bad, and atrocious. If nothing else, it’s a hell of a story to read and a heck of a cautionary tale. It will also hopefully teach you some actionable things and keep you entertained as we continue to bumble through life and share our findings. We don’t claim to have it ALL together, but simply that we are learning to find our way. The great thing about this is that we are forever going to be a work in progress. We will never run out of failures to make and chances to learn and grow, they simply evolve along with us to become less severe and as we evolve as people we find ourselves better able to tackle the challenges that arise.

We also hope to help you realize that the areas of your own life that truly matter to you and deserve the bulk of you attention aren’t necessarily your finances, home or social status. We spent years in that trap trying to fill personal voids with decor, furnishings and vacations that really needed much less tangible fillings. The things that truly matter to us are our health, family and personal and spiritual development and being of service to the world. Most of these things didn’t even ding(us) on our radar a few years ago because we were so bogged down with depression that we were so numb we didn’t even realize was there! We spent so much time convincing ourselves we were happy we didn’t even realize we were miserable. It took hard work to extract ourselves from a lot of social brainwashing of how things are ‘supposed’ to be.

We call this the “dingus guide to life,” because we feel like in our modern day society as the privileged first-world residents that we are, that we haven’t been built to be equip to tackle everything life can throw at you. In a world of automation and hands for hire, the art of self sufficiency has been lost and often dubbed as socially inferior.

Well, we are here to say that’s a load of crap. Self sufficiency is EVERYTHING as far as the key to unlocking your freedom in life. I don’t mean in any one avenue, but in every avenue. Developing self sufficiency and therefore independence opens your life up in such an incredible way. We learned this the hard way, and as we share our stories and lessons with you we hope that something can be gained. If this site existed a decade ago it would’ve saved us from multiple false starts and failures, some minor and some devastating.

This blog has been a long time coming. For more than a year we’ve been amassing ideas, materials, lists of stories and topics to cover. It all rides on the back of our personal story which will get shared along the way as well. I cannot express to you the excitement I feel at starting this next leg of the journey. I didn’t want to begin it until I felt I had something truly of value to offer… and now I know I do.

Within this blog you can expect to find the following topics:
Our personal story and future plans
Many meal plans and recipes focused on ease, affordability and whole ingredients
DIY projects and home enhancements
Downsizing solutions
Diet and exercise advice (down 60lbs combined at time of this post!)
Minimalism for people who like stuff
Real estate experiences
General finance, budgeting and savings
Relationships and marriage, including escaping toxic ones
Personal and spiritual development exercises
The encouragement to take on anything else life sends your way
And whatever else pops up along the way

Basically we are going to share our entire life with you, ugly bits and all. We want to hold nothing back because we want this to be as authentic as possible. This is so important to us, we feel this is our calling in life to share all of our hard-gained information and are so excited to finally be ready to begin.

From the start and forever we will be open to suggestions of topics as well!

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Two 'adults' just trying to figure it out as we go along, we are Lace and Justin, the creators of The Dingus Guide to Life. Through a lot of trial and error we have learned how to harness life and not just let it take us for a wild ride anymore. We are here to share our knowledge on the hopes of helping others do the same.

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